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   Awarded  Male Artist of the Year (SCMA) 


   Awarded  TV, Radio, or Online Show of the Year        

    'Live and Local Wednesday with JJ Voss' (SCMA)


     Nominated in 2 other categories 

2021- SCMA Male Artist of the Year 

2021 - SCMA Roots Albm of the Year (Come Along With Me)

2020 - SCMA Roots Artist of the Year & Video of the Year (Some People)

2018 – SCMA Roots Artist of the Year Award

2014 – SCMA Best Male Vocalist Nomination

2013 – SCMA Roots Album of the Year Award

2013 - Mediabase Chart ‘Playing For Keeps’ #51 / Mediabase Chart ‘Breakin’ Things’ #77

2012 – SCMA Video of the Year (It’s a Pride Thing) Nomination

2012 - Mediabase Chart ‘It’s a Pride Thing’ #68 / Mediabase Chart ‘Bare Bones’ #82

2009 – WCMA Producer of the Year Nomination

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RELEASE DATE: March 20, 2020


"...Voss’s barrelhouse vocals and deft guitar work filled up the Gathering Place with sound and laughter for two full sets and an encore..."- Discover Humboldt 

"...Voss was funny, poignant, engaging and very charming as the night wore on. He's a fine songwriter and a gifted entertainer..." - Scott Roos, North Sask Music Zine  

"...Fantastic! That's what I think of JJ's new album. Not a wasted note. No lack of depth. All heart and inspiration. Every single one of these songs will be played on our show The Morning Edition..." - Chris Haynes - CBC SK


“...Come Along With Me” is a journey every real country music fan will enjoy, and its positive-but-not naive message that we can rise above the negativity together is something everyone could use these days..." - Broose Tulloch, Roots Music Canada 

"...Come Along With Me, the third release from Saskatchewan-based country rocker JJ Voss, is a thought-provoking journey of unorthodox subject material that is a side step from the standard fare offered up in the genre. It's a record about respect, love and positivity, on top of tackling many of the tough social issues of the day. Kicking off with the "love song to society" title track, the record does not let up but, in these trying times, that's exactly what we need..." - Scott Roos, Exclaim Music Canada



With close to two decades of dedication to his music career, JJ Voss has taken his passion for songwriting and performing along with his many experiences in life to build an authentic heartfelt solo career rooted in the soil of the working class.


Raised on a small farm in southern Saskatchewan, Voss began his journey in music at the age of 8 when he picked up his Dad’s old flat top and has been following in the footsteps of legendary troubadours like Steve Earle, Charlie Major, Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen ever since.


From playing weekends with his high school band, to gigging six nights a week in night clubs,  to festivals and soft seaters; Voss has become known for his ability to fuse the ‘classic’ sounds of Country into a piece of work that’s perfectly suited for our modern times.


He released his debut EP ‘Hillbilly Storybook’ in 2009 garnering a WMCA Producer of the Year nomination putting him on the map as an up and comer in Canada. In 2012 Voss followed up with his sophomore album ‘Show ‘em Who’s Voss’ landing him a SCMA Roots Album of the Year award and chart action for 5 singles on Canadian Country radio. It’s a Pride Thing’ peaking at #62 on the Billboard Country Top 100 and ‘Playing For Keeps’ at #51. The album also received  international airplay leading Voss to his first overseas tour; playing  shows  in Germany, Ireland, France and the Netherlands,  Colombia and Mexico. 


In 2017 Voss was forced to take a hiatus from his career for one year to recover from major back surgery. Having been bedridden for a long period of time, with only social media, TV and the news as his connection to the outside world, Voss began to digest the current social trends involving nationalism, tribalism, polarization, division, and violence - all of weighing heavily on his mind. He put pen to paper, and by 2018, he had written his 3rd album, ‘Come Along With Me’ and was released on March 20th, 2020.  


Since the release of 'Come Along With Me', JJ has performed 20+ online concerts, 40+ Live concerts (both solo and with his band)  gaining an impressive reach, increasing his fan base and maintaining a consistent revenue stream from tips and merchandise sales.  


The video for his re-make of Murray McLaughlan's 'Farmer Song', a collaboration with  Darlene Tuleta and Canadian Hall of Famer  Charlie Major,  has been viewed over 150 000 times.   


The album has helped JJ garner 8 SCMA awards; Male Artist of the Year (2022), ‘TV/Radio/Livestream Show of the Year’ (2022), ‘Male Artist of the Year’ (2021),  ‘Roots Album of the Year ‘(2021) 'Roots Artist of the Year' (2020), 'Video of the Year' (Some People' (2020).  Voss has seen top 10 Mediabase chart success with 3 singles; “Some People”, “Come Along With Me” and “The Kind of Man”. 

Currently JJ is writing songs in preparation for release in 2022.


JJ Voss - Come Along With Me (Single).pn

Come Along With Me (single)

Feb 14, 2020

Show 'Em Who's Voss.png

Show 'Em Who's Voss (album)

 May 26, 2012


Some People (single)

 Oct 4, 2019

Hillbilly Storybook.jpg

Hillbilly Storybook (album)

March 1, 2010



2021/2022 TOUR 



Mar 21    World Curling Champ    Prince George   BC        solo

Mar 22    World Curling Champ    Prince George   BC        solo

April 2     MacMurray Theatre       Arcola               SK        solo

April 8     Watson Museum            Watson             SK        solo

April 9     Jake's Place                      Watrous           SK        solo

May 3      CKRM Farm Cookout      White City        SK        solo 

May 27    I want 2 Sing 4 you 2      Yorkton             SK        solo

May 28    I want 2 Sing 4 you 2      Humboldt         SK        solo

May 29    I want 2 Sing 4 you 2      Buena Vista      SK        solo

June 17    I want 2 Sing 4 you 2      Regina               SK        solo

June 25   I want 2 sing 4 you 2      Victoria              BC        solo

June 30   I want 2 sing 4 you 2      Kelowna             BC        solo

July  2     I want 2 sing 4 you 2      Penticton            BC       solo

July  8     All Folk'd Up                    Montmartre      SK       Band

Juyl 16     I want 2 sing 4 you 2     Etter's Beach      SK        solo

July 19     I want 2 sing 4 you 2     Foam Lake         SK        solo

July 29     I want 2 sing 4 you 2    Chilliwack          SK        solo

July 31     Summer Slam                Raymore            SK       Band

Aug  5      I want 2 sing 4 you 2     Regina                SK        solo

Aug  6      I want 2 sing 4 you 2     Regina                SK        solo

Aug 20     I want 2 sing 4 you 2     Silton                 SK        solo

Aug 27     I want 2 sing 4 you 2     Bragg Creek       AB        solo

Sept 3      I want 2 sing 4 you 2     QuAppelle          SK         solo

Sept 10    Homestand                     Moose Jaw        SK       Band


Jan.6th  -  Live & Local                    On-Line                  solo     

Jan.20    -  Live & Local                    On-Line                 solo      

Feb.3rd   -  Live & Local                    On-Line                 solo     

Feb. 17    -  Live & Local                    On-Line                  solo      

Mar  3    -  Live & Local                    On-Line                  solo   

Mar 17    - Live & Local                     On-Line                  solo 

Jul  3      - I want 2 Sing 4 you         Craven, SK             solo 

Jul 10     - I want 2 sing 4 you         Regina, SK              solo

Jul 14     - I want 2 sing 4 you         N.Battleford,SK      solo

Jul 15     - I want 2 sing 4 you         Regina Beach          solo

Jul 17     - I want 2 sing 4 you         Regina Beach          solo

Jul 24    - I want 2 sing 4 you         Emerald Park          solo

Jul 29    - I want 2 sing 4 you         Yorkton, SK              solo

Jul 30    - I want 2 sing 4 you        Lake Kip,SK               solo

Jul 31     - I want 2 sing 4 you        Long Lake,SK            solo

Aug  4    - Conexus Arts Centre       Regina, SK        Band Show

Aug  6    - I want 2 sing 4 you        Round Lake              solo

Aug  7    - I want 2 sing 4 you        Regina Beach, SK     solo

Aug 18   - I want 2 sing 4 you        Regina, SK                solo

Aug 21   -  Private show                  Emerald Park,  Band Show

Aug 28   - Private Show                  Regina               Band Show

Sept  3   - I want 2 sing 4 you        Humboldt,SK           solo

Oct   7    - Mae Wilson Theatre      Moose Jaw, SK   Band Show

Oct   8    - Turvey Center                Regina, SK          Band Show

Oct  30   - Grand Theatre              Indian Head        Band Show